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Normal Users

Normal Users

For ease of use, casual or first-time users have the option to buy or sell preset amounts of digital currency or option to buy or sell at any custom amount they choose. The block amounts provide a familiar reference point and streamline the buy/ sell process. Fees, limits, order summary, and pertinent market information are provided to give users context for their trades.



Retail user Interface contains comparable features, as well as more advanced tools (e.g. charting), and dashboards optimized for more engaged, day-to-day traders and end users.

Institutional User

Institutional User

Institutional user Interface is designed for professional and/or enthusiast traders. It features a vertical trade ladder with click-to-trade capabilities as well as sophisticated, institution-grade order types. This UI is optimized for minute-to-minute trading and provides end users with a robust set of live market data.

Ultimate Utility Token

Participate in CGCX exchange trading and earn discounts

CGCX Tokens can be used to pay the transactions fee for the trades executed in the exchange and earn discounts up to 50% on the transaction fee. This discount is not available for others who do pay transaction fee with other currencies.

Your preferred mode of payment with merchants

User can get various products and services from the merchant partners at a discounted rate while paying with the CGCX Token. Merchants would be offered lower transaction fee when they accept CGCX tokens as mode of payments.

Participate in ICO voting in CGCX ICO platform

Users in the CGCX platform can vote for multiple tokens listing using their CGCX Tokens. We plan to use 50% of tokens received in the voting fee for insurance costs to build further insurance protections against cyber-attacks.

Use in CGCX smart contract platform

Our platform includes smart contracts, involving trade finance and other agreements in an automatic, secure and transparent way. CGCX tokens benefit users by providing utility to pay for transactional charges, making escrow and settlements for Smart Contracts.

Key Attributes

24/7 Trading

Resilient architecture supports around-the-clock trading

Real-Time Trade Settlements

Occurs instantaneously across all instruments.

Multi-Currency Trading

Continuous addition of currency to meet market demand

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